At American Waste Septic, we know that no one wants to have to deal with a septic tank malfunction. Not only are septic problems the most unpleasant of household emergencies, in extreme situations they can render your home unlivable until the problem is resolved. In most cases, major problems don’t come out of nowhere, but are the result of smaller issues going unaddressed and left to get worse. To help you prevent small issues from growing into expensive disasters, we have put together a list of three warning signs that you need septic tank repair.

3 Warning Signs that You Need Septic Tank Repair

1. Slow Drains- One major indicator that you may need septic tank repair is slow drainage in your sinks, toilets, and tubs. A septic system that’s working correctly allows water to flow effortlessly through your pipes, so if you notice that water is taking longer to drain, you should call us at American Waste Septic to have a look at the problem.

2. Foul Odors- Another sign that you need septic tank repair is foul, persistent odors around your home. If you notice the stench of sewage on your property, it’s highly likely that you have a problem with your septic tank, and you should call a professional as soon as possible for an inspection.

3. Pooling Water-The third warning sign that you need septic tank repair is pools of water appearing in your yard. Persistent puddles around your septic tank indicate that your tank is overflowing or that your drain field has become clogged–in either scenario, you should call our team at American Waste Septic to correct the issue.