While septic systems are often thought of as a thing of the past, almost one in five homes in the U.S. still have and use them — many of them by choice and not requirement. Septic tanks can be very efficient and cost effective when they are working properly, but if they are having problems, you’ll have more than costly repairs on your hands! Septic tank inspections can help prevent nasty cleanups with nasty price tags, and there are a few times when it is absolutely crucial you have a septic tank inspection completed, such as:

  • When you are thinking of buying a property. You wouldn’t think about buying a property without having a thorough inspection done on the foundation and the interior. Purchasing a property with a septic system should be no different. Many home inspectors will do a mild septic tank inspection as part of their total inspection, but it is often worth the small extra cost to have a septic tank inspection done by a septic expert.

Septic tank inspections can help prevent nasty cleanups

  • When the septic system is pumped. Septic system pumping times vary for a variety of reasons, but it usually corresponds nicely with the time you should have a regular septic tank inspection done. Ask your septic technician if septic tank inspections are a part of your pumping service.
  • If your septic system is getting old. Septic systems can last for a while, but the older ones can start to be problematic if not cared for. Even if your septic tank inspection was clean the last time, that doesn’t mean that it will be clear this time.

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